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We are delighted to welcome all the new registrants to Voices Rock Canada.  Rosedale United and First United Churches can’t wait for our rehearsals to start!

First United Church                                                             Rosedale United Church

151 Lakeshore Road West                                                   159 Roxborough Drive

Mississauga, ON                                                                   Toronto, ON

Start Date:  September 21                                                  Start Date: September 20


Cheryl Bower


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Our signs are everywhere and we want you!  If you are between 7-17 and love to sing rock and pop music, we have the solution!  Join us at Voices Rock Canada to sing as part of a rock choir, accompanied by a rock and roll band the night of our concert!  You will:

a) have fun

b) learn great songs

c) rock out!

We are open for registration in two locations, central Toronto and Mississauga.  The central Toronto location is getting full, so register soon.  Details are on the website or on Facebook:

See you soon!

Cheryl Bower

Executive Rock Star