Voices Rock Canada™ is an opportunity for young people to discover, explore, and express their inner rock star through contemporary music. Our goal is to foster a community environment that prioritizes teamwork, expression, and excitement while singing together.

Through our program’s musical education, kids learn to balance individuality and collaboration, personal creativity and group dynamics, high energy and discipline, letting loose and proper techniques, plus so much more!

Our unique musical program welcomes children, grades 3-12; at this stage in development, we believe that learning to communicate through the universal language of music can be extremely beneficial in facilitating a child’s growth.

We look forward to growing and welcoming new members, “groupies”, volunteers, and artistic staff to our family at VRC—through this group dynamic of support and enthusiasm, we will continue to rock and roll!

Voices Rock Canada and its subsidiaries, celebrate diversity and promotes inclusion on the basis of age, race, disability, ethnicity and gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by law.

“The Diversity in the human family should be the cause of love and harmony as it is in music, where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect chord.” Abdu’l Baha