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Southlake Health Centre

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Voices Rock Canada is always proud to be part of fundraisers and this past weekend was no exception.  We were honoured to be the chosen choir to accompany soloist Tiffany Deriveau for her exceptional rendition of “HOME” by Philip Phillips. Our kids and adults shone on stage and there was over 1 million dollars raised for Southlake Regional Health Centre.  Congratulations everyone!

-Cheryl Bower



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Every year, Voices Rock Canada is proud to perform for the patients, parents and staff at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, as part of the #GIVINGTUESDAY initiative, country-wide.  #GIVINGTUESDAY is a kind balance to Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  It’s our way of giving back to a wonderful community.  This year, we raised $1,225.00 in donations.  Thank you, HB…until next year!

-Cheryl Bower, founder


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So Excited!  We are having our first OPEN REHEARSALS for adults, 18+ on Tuesdays, May 15 and May 22.  We are announcing a new location in September with our friends, KAOS MUSIC CENTRE, 3052 Bloor Street West.



Rosedale United Church

159 Roxborough Drive

8:15-9:45 p.m.

Hope you can join us!

voices rock canada kids choir

Registration is OPEN!

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Yes, these mugs signify what we do here at Voices Rock Canada!  Testimonials from the kids attest that we have a great time at rehearsal, which culminates into wonderful Rock Choir performances, accompanied by a live band.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  We are open for registration and if you register prior to July 31, we are offering incentive pricing.

-Cheryl Bower/Founder



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Pictured here, Nolan, one of our rock star boys, killing “I Want It All” in June.  So far, we have tackled lots of great songs, including:  “Firework”, by Katie Perry, “Perfect”, by Pink, “I Love Rock and Roll”, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and so many more….

We will be performing at Holland Bloorview on November 29 for “Giving Tuesday”, a movement that started in the U.S. as an aftermath of mass consumerism post Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It is a way to give back to community initiatives.  Holland Bloorview is our project; a portion of every registration, goes to HB.  We’ll be performing at 7:00 p.m.

Join Us!

Cheryl Bower

Executive Director



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Voices Rock Canada opens two locations, coming soon!  We can’t wait to meet the new rock stars and our “seasoned” rockers for rehearsals.  Registration is still open.

Tuesday September 20

Rosedale United Church

159 Roxborough Drive

Toronto, ON


Wednesday September 21

First United Church

151 Lakeshore Road W

Mississauga, ON


-Cheryl Bower




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This past weekend, I visited New York City to explore the music scene as it may pertain to young people.  There was some behind the scenes visits; mostly the nuts and bolts on how a large scale production is done.  The most fun was however, watching the live productions unfold with kids from 9-16 performing and being the “stars” of the productions.  Magic.

There have been many inspirations for Voices Rock Canada.  School of Rock, for sure.  The production in NYC was fantastic; I can’t wait until it comes to Toronto and I get the phone call saying, “hey, do you have any kids that could be part of School of Rock?”  SURE!  The children involved in this production ranged between 11-15.  They were magnificent both vocally and instrumentally.  Andrew Lloyd Weber scored the music and his voice at the beginning recognized the kids in this production that played instruments….really played them!  Wonderful.

Total Vocal 2, a sold out performance at Carnegie Hall, brought groups from across Canada and the United States together to perform A Capella music, scored by Deke Sharon.  It was my honour to perform in Total Vocal last year around the same time.  The first half of the performance showcased younger people from 11-16.  They were amazing.  At the end of the show, they flooded the aisles and sang “All Night Long” and finished with “Lion Sleeps Tonight.”  On the plane ride home, REVV52 ( a group from Calgary that had performed, happened to be sitting next to me.  We broke into “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” as we were walking through customs!

And just for something very different than what Voices Rock will be singing, The Toronto Children’s Choir also performed choral music at Carnegie Hall over the weekend.  They were part of ensemble singers as well.  Magnificent.

Inspiration can come from many places.  Certainly the movie “School of Rock”, PS22 children’s choir from Staten Island and newchoir  have all offered me ideas moving forward with Voices Rock Canada. Our team members are all upbeat, positive and fun people.  We PROMISE we will give you the experience of a lifetime and who knows where it can lead in the future?

Cheryl Bower